Staff Members


Dr. Christina Nosotti  B.Sc. DVM

Volunteering in shelters is what sparked my passion to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a vet. For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals. As a child, I used to visit the local SPCA and would just long to bring them all home. In my late teens, I started volunteering at the Montreal SPCA and went as often as my studies would allow while completing my biology degree at Concordia University. I had the privilege of volunteering at the Vancouver SPCA, which was also an animal hospital. There, I worked closely with the vet technicians and got the opportunity to see a multitude of cases. There was no going back. I knew this was what I wanted to do. Shortly after, I was accepted into vet school.

I graduated in 1994 and I have been doing house calls since 1998. Doing home visits gave me the opportunity to balance my career with my family life. My practice grew gradually over the years as I worked strictly by referrals. Now, my kids are all grown up and I still love what I do. In my spare time, I am becoming involved with my original passion and I am a member of a new veterinary association focused on shelter medicine. I have been going to seminars and blogging on the subject.


I used to work alone, but as my practice grew, it became invaluable to me to have a support staff. This allows me to focus more on my patients and their care as I can delegate certain tasks to my reliable assistants, who aid me in answering the phone, organizing my schedule, keeping track of the webstore orders and relaying all my messages. I also have an assistant to accompanies me on visits and does all the computer work.