Staff Members

Dr. Calin Catarig:  

  Dr. Calin has a solid background in veterinary medicine. This proffesion has a strong tradition in his family. His father was a veterinarian, his father in law is a veterinarian and of course his wife is a vet as well. Calin is a 1996 graduate of the Cluj-Napoca Transilvania School of Veterinary Medicine. He loves all aspects of veterinary medicine from preventive medicine to surgery. Dr. Calin has an interest in ultrasound and surgery.  Calin and his wife, Andra live with their 2 legged  (Petra and Dan) and 4 legged kids (Ralph and Jazz).

Dr. Andra Catarig: 


    Dr. Andra has worked in small animal veterinary practices as well as having extensive laboratory experience. She is also a graduate of the Cluj-Napoca School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Andra loves the challenges of feline and canine internal  medicine. In her free time she enjoys downhill skiing, travelling and most of all spending time with her children and pets.

                                                    Dr. Nick Barbaza          

                                     (Veterinarian, info coming soon)


Irina Mihoc:
biography is coming soon

Magi Mogg: 

  Magi graduated from MAA @ CDI with honors. She has found her dream job at Rosslyn Veterinary Clinic. Magi has a Golden Retriever named Jasper and two cats named Spike and Todd.  She is a genuine animal lover who finds a sense of accomplishment by being a part of a team who ensures the health and well being of pets.