Parksville Animal Hospital
SOFT TISSUE, which includes spays, neuters, laceration repair, tumor removal, caesarians, cosmetic surgery. ORTHOPEDICS,  cruciate ligament repair.

X-Ray & In House Laboratory
Our  360 ma Xray machine produces safe and high quality radiographs even of the largest dogs. Our lab is equipped to do complete blood cell count and blood chemistry panels for sick animals, preanesthetic screens for surgery cases, liver/kidney function monitoring for patients on various long-term medications, and thyroid hormon level. We also do urine and fecal analysis. Some blood (such as cortizol hormone testing) and biopsy samples are sent to the Central Laboratory for Veterinarians in Vancouver which usually provide next day results.

Electrocardiogram & Doppler Blood Pressure Monitor
We provide in house E.C.G.'s.  Our ultrasonic doppler is not only used for monitoring anesthetized patients, but also for measuring blood pressure levels in patients. We have access to an ultrasound (and technician) for abdominal and chest surveys.

Dentistry Prophylaxis
All pets need some form of dental work by the age of six. We provide ultrasonic scaling, polishing, sulcular flushes, fluoride treatments, and extractions (of abscessed teeth). We also trim the incisors of rabbits and pet rodents.

Some form of permanent identification on a pet is very useful in case of loss or theft. Microchips are the most accurate from province to province and internationally. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is given by injection under the skin between the shoulder blades. Although, a bit painful, it can be given without anesthesia in many cases. We prefer to microchip pets at the time of the spay/neuter.

Tattoos are also available at our hospital. They are usually performed at the inner ear flap. Tattoos are less costly than microchip but can fade over the years. This is a painful procedure therefore it is done strictly under sedation.

Nutritional Advice
We carry a complete line of Medi-Cal Veterinary Diets, Hill's Prescription Diets and Hill's Helthy Advantage. These diets contain top quality nutrients as well as ingredients to prevent urinary and skin problems, and to slow down the rapid aging process in pets. We also carry the various special diets produced by these companies for special needs patients: there are diets for diabetes, kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure, obesity, dementia, anorexia, geriatrics, pancreatitis, colitis, food allergies, cancer, etc. If you have any special request we can order it for you and it will arrive by the next day. 

Parasite Control
We carry the full line of effective FLEA products including Program (the oral products as well as the 6 month injection for cats), Advantage, Capstar and Revolution. Our staff can offer advice as to which product is best suited for your pet. We highly recommend HEARTWORM prevention for dogs travelling to the Mainland, to the U.S. or to Eastern Canada (including Winnipeg). We carry Interceptor, Sentinel, Revolution. We also carry products that prevent or control Internal Intestinal worms, Lice, Mange & Ticks.

Allergy Testing
Allergies are the most common cause of itchy skin problems in our practice. Through a physical exam of your pet, food trials, skin scrapings, skin biopsies and/or blood tests, we can help determine if the allergy is due to parasites (fleas, mange), food, contact or inhalant allergans.

After Hour Emergency Services
In case of emergency please call the hospital first (at 248-8318). Most likely you can get in right away. In case Dr. Simon is not available and your pet needs to see a veterinarian immediately there is a 24/7 emergency hospital in Nanaimo. They work strictly with emergency cases. They are located at 6550 Metral Drive (by Home Depot). Their phone number is 250 933-0913. 

House Calls
House call service is available for routine things such as vaccinations and minor ailments. Sick and/or injured animals usually require hospitalization for diagnostic testing, Xrays and treatment.